Support Ya Family! Support Ya Friends!

April 15, 2017





I am not really a blogger, so I'll keep this post short, simple and to the point. Keeping up with this vice will be new territory for me but I accept the challenge. My goal is to make a post every Sunday.... pray for me lol. My purpose for these posts will be to not only update you all on my new content but also a means to "shout out" my people and their accomplishments. 


The one thing that I feel my parents instilled deep within me is a constant desire to share knowledge and to constantly work towards a collective, communal growth. I'm sure you can guess their profession.

So, I titled this post 'Support ya family! Support ya friends!' and the girls pictured above happen to be a bit of both. I try to surround myself with genuine, innovative and forward thinkers. I have never had a problem with sharing some of the things I am most thankful for, the beautiful people that are in my life. 


Thank you.


p.s. I hope you can truly appreciate and bask in the melanated, magical beauty above!



       imani <3




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